Subrogation / Inter-Company Arbitration

Is your subrogation department overloaded or ineffective?

Does your office send files out to a subrogation department, never to be seen or heard from again?

Let our experienced staff assist you in maintaining control over the subrogation files so that your office may benefit from the recovery.

Our clients realize a direct benefit from our services in reducing expenses, as well as increasing the amounts recovered. The funds that we collect are placed into a Trust Account. On the 15th and last workday of the month, a check is issued to our client(s), less our fee. This way, our fee is not a direct expense to our client(s). They gain greater recovery without any subrogation expenses.

Quite often, the investigating adjuster assists in the recovery and is able to follow the file throughout the process. Their initial investigation is vital in the ability to collect any subrogation proceeds.

We have recovered on over 90% of collectable files that we have received with an average of 85% of the total subrogated interest.

The use of Inter-Company Arbitration as a source of recovery on files where liability is disputed, is invaluable to an insurance company. These type of files are often times some of the most complex and challenging files that a company will attempt to recover on. However, most in-house subrogation departments will spend less than an hour putting together their contentions on these files. With their volume of claims, they simply don't have the time to spend on difficult files.

Kassa Insurance Services, Inc. employs experienced Arbitration Specialists with legal backgrounds and persuasive writing skills. Each Arbitration Specialist takes the time to research legal issues thoroughly and formulate persuasive arguments that will give them the best chance of prevailing in the case.

We have an extensive legal library and use an Internet based legal research database. This allows our Arbitration Specialists to research legal issues in the United States from the comforts of their desks. If there is a legal angle that will give us a better chance of a successful Arbitration case, our specialists will find it and use it.

Our staff Inter-Company Arbitration Specialist has been successful in over 86% of the cases filed as both an Applicant and/or a Respondent.

Let us change your subrogation department from an unknown into an income-generating unit.

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